Cuckold Sissy Pervs

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Don’t even get Venom started on chastity, that will be saved for another post. But you shouldn’t be allowed to cum if you consider yourself a true cucked siss. Viewing me pleasuring and serving my Stud while you know you could never be a true man to pleasure women so you continue to sight into despair. How did your cross dressing behavior start? Unless you plan to spend on Mistress I truly don’t care for you or your sad story.

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Sissification is something I just so happen I have expertise in, one of my magical powers is turning any straight man into a degraded humiliated submissive slut. Don’t think you’re so innocent to just naturally give into your desire, many are capable of going all their life before they get slapped into female supremacy.

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What is your wanna be girl ass going to do once you’re exposed and the secrets out? Keep this opportunity between a genuine teenage FinDom and allow this to be a discrete one on one relationship of you constantly giving and providing whilst I take and command you my orders.