CBT Loser Special

Generally Miss receives many comments from submissive slaves interested in punishment. Typically a superior female has no problem overriding a beta’s world from the start and soon begin the humiliation. However Mistress E. works a bit differently. Prove your pathetic low life is worthy of a Goddess’s attention. Exotic does not tolerate a house hopping slave. Once you enter my domain you are stuck and enticed into your new submission.

As intoxicating as one may be how will you be the absolute best sub? Letting go of your control and handling everything single thing to your new teenage FinDom. That’s why this activity is super important. Every tiny dick perv must encounter the loser special at some point when they approach a relationship with Mistress E.

Not only will you lose yourself in the pain and humiliation but become addicted to the pleasure that quickly follows. Doesn’t it excite you that it takes a hot young superior female to treat you the way you belong? Miss is not looking to laugh at your pathetic ass spread out for maximum reach of your boy pussy.

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