Black Mail Fantasy Tasks

Poor beta looking at other humiliating ways to be used and degraded. Luckily for you Mistress is in the mood to toy and play with your psyche.

Beginning with an entry level order we will determine your ability to spend, serve and obey. Looking to push your boundaries inch by inch and step by step.

Mistress Exotic Venom has began creating a four part interactive black mail fantasy FinDom series on her iWantClips & KinkBomb Studio! In the first video we are looking to see your obedience and patience. Miss humiliates your tiny little penis & challenges you to get off by a porn clip in less than 2 minutes. We begin by setting an email/text timer to your closest innocent loved one with a very detailed description of your love for Mistress Venom. If you cum you owe miss a $50/tribute for Venom’s cum tax. Every time you re-watch and fail you’ll begin to owe double. When you cum Miss expects you to taste it and describe how you like eating your warm juices like a cum dumpster slut. If you win and are able to edge yourself long enough congrats! You’re denied of sex like a low life garbage deserves to be. No touching or sex ever in your future. Can you cum quick enough before the timer clicks or does it make shrimp dick nervous and he’s forever ignored?

I bet you’re edged and pre-cumming so hard to the idea of a teen findom queen overruling your world. Just imagine going deeper down the debt hole with three other well distinct clips. Training your hypnosis to respond to Exotic’s wish and desire.

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