Locked For LIFE.

Utterly intoxicated to pleasing Mistress, knowing you have no value. Poor shrimp dick wanna be pussy bitch. Miss Venom orders you to go and get your cage, to buy a new or does the dumb fuck already own one? Either way you’re to first wear it for one day, challenging yourself to a simple 24 hours. But you’re to be a drone to my clips and pictures. Can you handle Exotic’s temptations to overrule your own boundaries? Let’s see how well disciplined and obedient you are.

Part of financial domination is used as a way to release complete control into your Domme’s hands. From a locked cock to a rinsed wallet you’ll have nothing when your session is over with Mistress. Mentally pushing your boundaries of how long you can wear the device for. Each submissive is taxed for being a disgusting pig but owes even more if they can’t sit patiently in their sentence with Exotic.