Locked For LIFE.

Utterly intoxicated to pleasing Mistress, knowing you have no value. Poor shrimp dick wanna be pussy bitch. Miss Venom orders you to go and get your cage, to buy a new or does the dumb fuck already own one? Either way you’re to first wear it for one day, challenging yourself to a simple 24 hours. But you’re to be a drone to my clips and pictures. Can you handle Exotic’s temptations to overrule your own boundaries? Let’s see how well disciplined and obedient you are.

Part of financial domination is used as a way to release complete control into your Domme’s hands. From a locked cock to a rinsed wallet you’ll have nothing when your session is over with Mistress. Mentally pushing your boundaries of how long you can wear the device for. Each submissive is taxed for being a disgusting pig but owes even more if they can’t sit patiently in their sentence with Exotic.

Black Mail Fantasy Tasks

Poor beta looking at other humiliating ways to be used and degraded. Luckily for you Mistress is in the mood to toy and play with your psyche.

Beginning with an entry level order we will determine your ability to spend, serve and obey. Looking to push your boundaries inch by inch and step by step.

Mistress Exotic Venom has began creating a four part interactive black mail fantasy FinDom series on her iWantClips & KinkBomb Studio! In the first video we are looking to see your obedience and patience. Miss humiliates your tiny little penis & challenges you to get off by a porn clip in less than 2 minutes. We begin by setting an email/text timer to your closest innocent loved one with a very detailed description of your love for Mistress Venom. If you cum you owe miss a $50/tribute for Venom’s cum tax. Every time you re-watch and fail you’ll begin to owe double. When you cum Miss expects you to taste it and describe how you like eating your warm juices like a cum dumpster slut. If you win and are able to edge yourself long enough congrats! You’re denied of sex like a low life garbage deserves to be. No touching or sex ever in your future. Can you cum quick enough before the timer clicks or does it make shrimp dick nervous and he’s forever ignored?

I bet you’re edged and pre-cumming so hard to the idea of a teen findom queen overruling your world. Just imagine going deeper down the debt hole with three other well distinct clips. Training your hypnosis to respond to Exotic’s wish and desire.

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CBT Loser Special

Generally Miss receives many comments from submissive slaves interested in punishment. Typically a superior female has no problem overriding a beta’s world from the start and soon begin the humiliation. However Mistress E. works a bit differently. Prove your pathetic low life is worthy of a Goddess’s attention. Exotic does not tolerate a house hopping slave. Once you enter my domain you are stuck and enticed into your new submission.

As intoxicating as one may be how will you be the absolute best sub? Letting go of your control and handling everything single thing to your new teenage FinDom. That’s why this activity is super important. Every tiny dick perv must encounter the loser special at some point when they approach a relationship with Mistress E.

Not only will you lose yourself in the pain and humiliation but become addicted to the pleasure that quickly follows. Doesn’t it excite you that it takes a hot young superior female to treat you the way you belong? Miss is not looking to laugh at your pathetic ass spread out for maximum reach of your boy pussy.

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Cuckold Sissy Pervs

Stumbled upon my content has you begging for more huh? Can’t get enough of Miss and her divine enigma? I bet you’re half (30-40) or triple (50-60) my age. It might be hot to push a pathetic loser like you around but just imagining your ugly aging skin has me totally grossed out. I think you enjoy verbal abuse and belittling, degrading humiliation. Watching my clips of Mistress demanding you to complete tasks, her cruel words and harsh demeanor. All of this leaves my cucked sissy perv trembling for more.

Don’t even get Venom started on chastity, that will be saved for another post. But you shouldn’t be allowed to cum if you consider yourself a true cucked siss. Viewing me pleasuring and serving my Stud while you know you could never be a true man to pleasure women so you continue to sight into despair. How did your cross dressing behavior start? Unless you plan to spend on Mistress I truly don’t care for you or your sad story.

I still perhaps am intrigued by this hidden femininity. Was it the wife or mother’s closet? Someone liked you must’ve played with dolls and girlish items and as you grew older you knew it wouldn’t be accepted any longer so this lust is a private fetish. Although everyone has a different story how off could I actually be?

Sissification is something I just so happen I have expertise in, one of my magical powers is turning any straight man into a degraded humiliated submissive slut. Don’t think you’re so innocent to just naturally give into your desire, many are capable of going all their life before they get slapped into female supremacy.

I live a wonderful life using so called “men” like you, telling a sissy what to do, how to serve, and better my life. You will obey, you will adore, and always be cucked so long as you’re binging on all of Miss’s fetish clips.

What is your wanna be girl ass going to do once you’re exposed and the secrets out? Keep this opportunity between a genuine teenage FinDom and allow this to be a discrete one on one relationship of you constantly giving and providing whilst I take and command you my orders.